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PRE4M are my primary suppliers of Physiotherapy tape. They provide superior quality products compared to their competitors and are super easy to order with. PRE4M's reward system is a fantastic way that rewards us with affordable pricing guaranteed. We are delighted to use PRE4M tape and highly recommend all their products for any sporting organisation or allied health professional. 

- Bradley Zalloua, Owner

Point Health & Performance

''I have been using Pre4m for all of our strapping tape and medical supplies for over 2 years. The pricing and service is second to none and I can't speak highly enough of the quality of the gear we get. Highly recommend Brandon to other clubs looking for a change.''

- Rob Morris

Gold Coast United FC

''Pre4m have been first class with all our requirements, from strapping tape to medical beds. Delivery and customer service has been of the highest standard, they have been so easy to deal with and they go above and beyond. I would recommend them to any business or sporting organisation that require their services''

- Nick Croyden

Logan Lightning FC

"I have been using Pre4m tapes for a while now for treatments in clinics and on pitch side. i have found the large variety of tapes super effective in relieving pain, reducing swelling and limiting range of movements when needed. My clients have found it very comfortable to use and beneficial in enhancing their performances. It's such a useful tool to have for any physiotherapist like myself!"

James K

''As a Physio, having good quality products is crucial for speed and efficiency in treatment, particularly with taping/bandaging, Pre4m supplies me with good quality products at affordable prices, i highly recommend Pre4m to anyone who covers sport or is in need of equipment in there clinic''

- Chris El-Hayek

The Football Physio

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